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Permeable Paving application

Permeable Solutionz pavers are trafficable for domestic and light commercial applications such as carparks, driveways, pavements and patios; in fact anywhere that stormwater accumulates and run off is likely to pose a problem. They are also safe and non-slip for cyclists and pedestrians, even when wet.

The pavers are easily laid; bedded in sand and butt jointed. Please refer to the base set up section.

Permeable Solutionz pavers can be laid in any area of urban paving, provided the substrate is sound
(substrate requirements are site-specific).

As a surface may require as little as 30% of Permeable Solutionz paving to be classified as "permeable", it may be used in conjunction with other impervious surfaces.

The pavers exceptionally high levels of porosity, which are generally unaffected by gradient, will slow and dissipate the water captured from surrounding impervious surfaces.

The Permeable Solutionz paving system can be laid around trees and other planted areas to increase water absorption to plant roots.

- Driveways, paths, car park areas, patios, rooftops, pool surrounds, tree surrounds.

Permeable Solutionz pavers are easily maintained and cleaned using low pressure power washing. Frequency depends on areas of use.

Download the Permeable Solutionz Brochure (pdf)


Download the Permeable Solutionz Paving Guide (pdf)


Download Level Threshold detail here (pdf)


Ideal Applications

  • Driveways
  • Carpark areas
  • Patios
  • Paths
  • Rooftops
  • Pool surrounds
  • Tree Surrounds
  • School drinking fountain bases
  • Under gas bottles

trafficable in 230 x 115 x 50mm pavers in selected colours only


Other Products Available

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  • Commercial cesspit filters (gross pollutant traps)
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