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Permeable Solutionz - Sustainable Paving Solutions to Water Wastage and Stormwater Runoff

Replenishing Earth's Water

Increasingly polluted water supplies adversely affect urban dwellers world-wide. Reducing stormwater outflow and properly managing pollutants will ensure a sustainable, high quality of life.

Permeable Solutionz provide ecologically sound stormwater solutions. We provide a unique range of permeable paving products for use in both residential and commercial applications. Our New Zealand made natural stone paving products allow rainwater to flow through the body of the paver, returning water to the earth, retaining moisture in your soil.

Permeable Solutionz pavers provide a practical and economical solution to controlling stormwater pollution, outflow, and soil rehydration. They filter 100% of gross pollutants from stormwater run off, reducing the burden on current storm water infrastructure, whilst providing the durable surface required by our urban way of life.

Permeable Solutionz pavers are ultra-porous, having a water flow-through rate of no less than 30 litres/m2 per second.

Our paving has the approval of Auckland Council in principle as a component of a permeable paving system, however the appropriateness of using permeable paving must be assessed on a case by case basis depending upon various factors such as geotechnical conditions. Auckland Council recognises that our product has a high permeability and has the potential to have a positive contribution to stormwater management.

Download the Permeable Solutionz Brochure (pdf)


Download the Permeable Solutionz Paving Guide (pdf)


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